Winter 2005 program

Our winter quarter concert will be:
17 March 2005, at 7:30pm
Cupertino's Quinlan Community Center
10185 N. Stelling, Cupertin, CA 95014
(an ad; PDF versions: 8.5x11 and 11x17)

We'll be performing:

Our warmup rehearsal is at 6pm sharp that night. We play in a room in the back.
Evening concert dress is tuxedo for gentlemen and long black for ladies.
Yes, the police park at Quinlan too.

Download iTunes

The iTunes Music Store (iTMS) links let you purchase electronic copies of the music ... you can burn these to CDs for your own use or listen to them on your computer or iPod if you have one. iTunes itself is free (and a great way to organize your music :). If anyone wants to provide other links, I am more than happy to post them. -Soren (sspies at bigw dot org)