Signing up for the De Anza College Orchestra

In general, if you want to play in the orchestra, you have to be a student at De Anza and you have to register for the class. Fortunately, everything can be done online and De Anza is happy to have students who aren't pursuing degrees. For California residents, the cost is about $60 per quarter.

For the experienced: go to the registration program to log in. The Fall 2009 call numbers are: 1935, 1936, (MUSI-031 B&C; 1934/A is closed?) or 1941 (MUSI-041V-62).
Pay online.

If you're not already enrolled, go to the De Anza Registration system (opens in a new window). Set up an electronic account and apply for admission. If you aren't taking other classes and aren't interested in a degree, "Educational Development" is a good "Educational Goal" and "Personal Interest Only" can be your major. You can probably get by without a parking pass (park on Mary Ave across Stevens Creek).

Log in
Once you are enrolled, you'll need to log into the web program that lets you add the class and pay your fees: direct link. If that doesn't work, start at, click through the "Login" button and on to the "De Anza Registration System" and finally press its 'login' button. Enter your Student ID (or social security number) and the pin you previously selected when you enrolled. Click "Enter." Confirm your address, major, etc. Click click "Add Courses" in the rightmost column. A screen will remind you that you must pay your fees promptly.

Add the course
Scroll through and click on 'MUSI - MUSIC'. In the box that appears, find 031. Selecting the course makes the sections appear to the right. Click "Add Now" next to the section. If you need to take MUSI041V (see below), make sure the section you pick meets on Thu"R"sday night in room A31 from 7-10 (search for Instructor Tayerle if you want to confirm the section). Finally, click "Submit Shopping Cart" in the bottom part of the window.

Why so many courses / sections? De Anza limits how many times times you can take a single course. According to the MUSI031 and MUSI041V detail pages, you can take each one (regardless of A, B, C) six times. If you tried to take, for example, any of the MUSI-031 classes a seventh time, you'd get the error "Max Repeats Exceeded" when submitting your shopping cart. In other words, once you've been in the orchestra two years, you'll need to switch course numbers or perhaps enroll a relative.

MUSIC032, when available, is good once you can't take MUSIC031 any more. Sometimes one of the sections of one of the classes may claim to meet on another night, which can help if you have another class which partially conflicts with orchestra. If you eventually run out of MUSIC 31, MUSIC 32, or MUSIC 41V credits, let us know as you may be able to signup for "lifetime learning" credit, etc. Unfortunately, these "lifetime" enrollments don't help us meet our enrollment targets.

Pay your bill
After you've added the course and perhaps looked at your schedule, you'll need to pay your fees either in person or online. Click on "Your Account" up at the top, then the bulb next to "Account Balance" to see all the fees you have to pay (CA resident fees are affordable). If you have a credit card, go to "Make Payment" and enter your information. "Pay Now," save the receipt, and you're done. Thanks!

Note: if you have trouble registering for whatever reason, we can probably help you with an "add code" or whatever else is needed. We want you in the orchestra, but we need you to take the class. :)